How it works

most complete learn-by-doing platform

For trainees

  • Login

    The trainee can log in through laptop, smartphone or immersive device and choose the training session

  • Training course

    In this case, the avatar acts as a teacher and provides training session through material like slides, videos or games.

  • Role play

    It is based on a vis-à-vis human-like interaction with an avatar that plays a role depending on the type of training session.

  • Session

    On the basis of trainee’s behavior, the session goes through the training path node by node. The trainee interacts with the avatar through voice commands or controllers

  • Analysis

    Trainee’s performance and attention is constantly monitored thanks to answer analysis and FER technology (Facial Expression Recognition) that analizes behavior.

A complete digital training solution that covers all phases of knowledge assimilation

For trainers

  • Back office

    An easy to use backend interface enables trainers to easily create and modify the entire training session without technical knowledge

  • Decision tree

    The training session is managed by a decision tree. It is possible to assign score and weight for each node and arch

  • Customization

    the trainer can customize every single aspects of the session. For instance the trainer can choose the avatar, the scenario and languages

  • Examination

    The trainer can decide whether to add a final examination phase


  • Multidevice (iOS, Android, Windows, Apple TV, Samsung TV)
  • Facial Recognition (mood, attention, etc.)
  • XAPI / SCORM standards
  • Biological aspects recognition (stress, heartbeats, etc.)
  • HQ Human Avatar
  • Auto-configuration Course on students’ level
  • Language recognition (NLP)
  • Avatar procedural animation & auto-rigging
  • Easy integration with LMS
  • Text to speech

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